Confirmed Exhibitors

NAVDF 2023 is pleased to acknowledge our wonderful exhibitors:

BOOTH #206

Animal Dermatology Group (ADG) is the largest and most diverse community of veterinary dermatologist in the United States, providing for unparalleled camaraderie and support for our doctors.  ADG was founded by veterinary dermatologists with the goal to advance the clinical practice of the specialty and make advance dermatology care available to pets everywhere.

ADG provides the opportunity to mentor residents and shape the future of the specialty while advancing research and the clinical practice of veterinary dermatology.  To date, more than 35 doctors have successfully achieved ACVD Diplomate status after completing the ADG residency training.

ADG continues to expand into exciting new markets across the United States and we are committed to providing our medical team with the ideal opportunity to practice, collaborate and grow.  Join the ADG family if you are looking for an environment that is 100% focused on the specialty of veterinary dermatology and dedicated to providing state-of-the-art patient care.

BOOTH #B-Foyer
This organization is dedicated to promoting the field of veterinary dermatology, in education, research, and professional veterinary practice. Our members serve in government and industry, private veterinary practice, academia, and as consultants for a wide range of clients. Many of our members are board-certified veterinary dermatologists and others are veterinary practitioners with a strong interest in dermatology. We encourage you to visit and investigate our website and contact us if we may be of service to you.


BOOTH #B -Foyer
The American College of Veterinary Dermatology (ACVD) is a group of individuals who are each a Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologist®. These veterinarians have expertise and specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of animals with benign and malignant disorders of the skin, hair, ears and nails. The ACVD is the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)-recognized veterinary specialty organization™ for certification of veterinary dermatology.
The ACVD undergoes a comprehensive evaluation by the American Board of Veterinary Specialties (ABVS), a committee of the AVMA, every 3 years to ensure the required standards are maintained for the ACVD certification process.


BOOTH #215
Blue Buffalo is the nation’s leading natural pet food company, feeding more than 23 million pet households. To provide veterinarians and clients with the best possible nutritional options for dogs and cats, our R&D team applies over 300 years’ expertise to diet formulation and study.  Our dedicated Veterinary Clinic Specialists and Technical Services Veterinarians support and educate veterinary professionals about our exclusive veterinary therapeutic line, BLUE Natural Veterinary Diet formulas.  To learn more about our products, research, manufacturing, and quality control & assurance programs, visit

BOOTH #112
The lives of animals and humans are interconnected in deep and complex ways. We know that when animals are healthy, humans are healthier too. Across the globe, our 9,700 employees are dedicated to delivering value through innovation, thus enhancing the well-being of both.

Respect for animals, humans and the environment guides us every day. We develop solutions and provide services to protect animals from disease and pain. We support our customers in taking care of the health of their animals and protect our communities against life- and society-threatening diseases.

BOOTH #102
Ceva Animal Health offers the power of 75+ products to help you keep pets healthy inside and out. Whether it’s protecting pets from disease-carrying vectors, restoring the skin barrier with easy and effective dermatologic solutions, or helping comfort and reassure anxious dogs and cats, we provide a one-stop source for care. Plus our dedicated team of knowledgeable, caring professionals shares your dedication to help provide the best possible care.

Ceva’s key products include the VECTRA®, CATEGO®, and MILBEGUARD® (milbemycin oxime) parasiticides, pheromone products ADAPTIL® and FELIWAY®, DOUXO® dermatology products, CLENZ-A-DENT® dental products, CARDALIS™ (spironolactone & benazepril) to manage canine congestive heart failure due to mitral valve disease, and TRP-Tri-COX® for canine joint support. The company’s North American headquarters is in Lenexa, Kansas. Visit

BOOTH #113
Dermavet.Online is a web portal dedicated to veterinarians with a special interest in dermatology. We created it to share experiences, discuss cases, inform, update, and transmit knowledge in a clear, practical, simple, but scientifically sound manner. Subscribers can find video cases, tutorials, information materials for owners, drug fact sheets, downloadable macro- and microscopic images, open-source articles, free books, postings of many news items and an agenda of webinars, workshops and congresses dedicated to veterinary dermatology. And new material is added every week. 

BOOTH #214
Dechra Veterinary Products, located in Overland Park, Kansas, is the U.S. sales and marketing division of Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC, a UK listed company dedicated to the animal healthcare market. Dechra Veterinary Products’ companion animal portfolio focuses on endocrinology, oncology, dermatology, ophthalmology, anesthesia, fluid therapy, pain management, joint health support, and dental care. Our brands include Vetoryl® Capsules (trilostane), Zycortal® Suspension (desoxycorticosterone pivalate injectable suspension), Osurnia® (florfenicol, terbinafine, betamethasone acetate), Vetradent™, ProbioWrap™, the Vetivex® line of parenteral fluids,  Isoflurane, USP Inhalant Anesthetic, Sevoflurane, USP Inhalant Anesthetic, and Phycox® joint health supplements. Dechra also offers a comprehensive line of topical dermatology products including the TrizUltra+Keto®, MiconaHex+Triz®, MalAcetic®, and Atopivet® brands plus oral anti-infectives including Marboquin® (marbofloxacin) Tablets. The addition of Mirataz® (mirtazapine transdermal ointment), Porus® One, and Redonyl® Ultra Feline to the portfolio supports the underserved feline market. Dechra also recently acquired the rights to the novel drugs Laverdia™-CA1 (verdinexor) and Zenalpha® (medetomidine and vatinoxan hydrochlorides injection). Dechra’s equine products include Osphos® (clodronate injection), Orthokine® vet irap 10 and 60, Osteokine® (PRP), Equidone® (domperidone) Gel, Zimeta® (dipyrone injection), ProVet APC™ (Autologous Platelet Concentrate) system, Rompun® (xylazine injection), Butorphanol Tartrate Injection, SucroMate® Equine (deslorelin acetate), and Phycox® EQ joint health supplements. 
For more information, please visit or call (866) 933-2472.

BOOTH #104
Elanco Animal Health is a global leader in animal health dedicated to innovating and delivering products and services to prevent and treat disease in farm animals and pets, creating value for farmers, pet owners, veterinarians, stakeholders, and society as a whole. With nearly 70 years of animal health heritage, we are committed to helping our customers improve the health of animals in their care, while also making a meaningful impact on our local and global communities.

BOOTH #307
Farmina is nature and science in perfect harmony. Our mission is to develop the best all-natural, nutritious, and scientifically validated food that both cats and dogs will love. That’s why in our kitchen, we mix and cook only the finest raw ingredients following strict guidelines set by nutritional experts. With their expertise, we have designed a scientifically validated diet specific to a carnivore’s nutritional needs. With a long-standing commitment to cruelty-free research, we at Farmina firmly believe in our company motto: Happy pet. Happy you.

BOOTH #203
For more than 75 years, Hill’s Pet Nutrition has been dedicated to pioneering research and groundbreaking nutrition for dogs and cats based on a scientific understanding of their specific needs. For more information about Hill’s, our shelter program, products and nutritional philosophy, visit us at, or on social, @HillsPet.

BOOTH #213
Meet the new standard in cryotherapy from H&O Equipments. Accuracy, efficiency, and practicality are the new norm with the CryoProbe & Freezpen. No anesthesia, no pre-operative skin preparation or post-operative care is needed. No-stress treatments for pets and superb outcomes in the treatment of benign lesions while your practice enjoys increased returns on revenue.

BOOTH #211
LEROY BIOTECH is the world leader in electrochemotherapy solutions with the ELECTROvet.
The ELECTROvet is a veterinary electrochemotherapy device that can treat cutaneous and subcutaneous tumors thanks to the potentiation of the effects of bleomycin, carboplatin or cisplatin.

BOOTH #306
MDS Incorporated has been a proud supporter of the Veterinary Industry since 1972. We specialize in endoscopic and video equipment for diagnosis and treatment of ear disease. Working with specialists in the field of Veterinary Dermatology allow us to design and build specific tools to help the practitioner accomplish their tasks more efficiently, and with better outcomes for the patient. Stop by our booth for a hands-on demonstration of our rigid otoscopes, Auri-Kleen flushing/suction system and HD camera system for video otoscopy.

BOOTH #115
Merck Animal Health is a research-driven pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of veterinary medicines, vaccines and services, as well as an extensive suite of digitally connected identification, traceability and monitoring products.

BOOTH #304
MiDOG offers superior diagnosis of infectious diseases, faster than culture/sensitivity and more comprehensive than PCR!
The MiDOG All-in-One Test is the new standard in complete bacterial and fungal testing for infectious diseases. Using molecular-based DNA-sequencing, MiDOG offers the identification and quantification of all bacterial and fungal pathogens present in any clinical specimen, including antibiotic resistance profiles.
This microbiome test for all animals will significantly improve the diagnosis and treatment of all your patients.

BOOTH #202
Nextmune is a science-driven, global specialty pharma company dedicated to improving health for dogs, cats, and horses, focusing on allergy and dermatology as well as specialized care and nutrition. The product offering encompasses diagnostics, prescription and non-prescription products and is offered to veterinarians and pet parents in more than 70 countries worldwide. Driven by science and powered by passion.

BOOTH #311

Neoplas GmbH is an emerging young medical device company and world leader in the new and disruptive field of cold plasma jet-technology for accelerating wound healing. Its innovative product, the plasmajet kINPen® VET, is the first internationally approved and marketed plasma jet for the treatment of pathogen-induced skin disorders. The plasmajet kINPen® VET inactivates micro-organisms, stimulates micro-circulation and accelerates wound healing without any evidence of side effects and resistance development until possible wound closure. Neoplas GmbH is a spin-off of the Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology e. V. (INP) in Greifswald, Germany.

BOOTH #114
As one of the only dedicated Specialty and Emergency groups in the industry, NVA Compassion-First is the trusted partner of hospital teams who are looking for more—more resources to advance their medicine, a greater sense of belonging, and increased opportunities to care for their patients, clients and people.

BOOTH #100
Since 1992, Nutramax Laboratories has been developing products for people and their pets. Located in Lancaster, South Carolina, Nutramax researches and develops high quality products to support animal health.

BOOTH #109
Veterinary Cloud Software
Pack Leader DVM – Cloud software for Veterinary: All specialties with unique clinical flow by specialty: Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Surgery, Rehab, Primary Care, Multi-Specialty etc. Our Dermatology clinical software includes Allergy Testing & Formularies, Drawing, Imaging, Derm specific exams, Referral & PCP letters, Multi-Location Inventory, Estimates, Anesthesia form, Automated Patient Reminders, Lab Interfaces, Client Communication, Diagnosis codes, Clinical Analysis Reporting, Medications. This is new true cloud software we have been installing for 1 1/2 years. We have tons of built in flexibility to tweak the clinical flow, letters, estimates etc to meet your specific requirements. We will be demonstrating the full system at our booth or on-line. Please visit our website:

BOOTH #210
Purina is a leader in the field of canine and feline nutrition, helping you make a daily impact on your patients’ quality of life. Stop by our exhibit to learn more about our breakthrough therapeutic Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets formulas and our growing line of groundbreaking supplements, including the highly-recommended probiotic supplement FortiFlora®. Discover how innovative Purina research can help you nutritionally manage pets with diabetes mellitus, obesity, anxiety, gastrointestinal, joint and urinary conditions, as well as nutritionally manage dogs with epilepsy as an adjunct to veterinary therapy. For more information, visit or call 1-800-222-VETS (8387).

BOOTH #208
The Purina Institute is an organization within Purina responsible for sharing the latest scientific findings in companion animal nutrition, with the goal of elevating the nutrition conversation within the veterinary community. As the voice of Purina’s science, the Purina Institute represents an extensive global research network, which has developed innovative nutritional breakthroughs for nearly a century; breakthroughs that have redefined the industry’s standards of pet nutrition for healthy cats and dogs and those requiring specialized clinical nutrition.

BOOTH #103
Royal Canin USA is a leader in science-based cat and dog health nutrition.  Founded by a veterinarian in 1968, Royal Canin has more than 50 years of experience in delivering individualized nutritional solutions based on size, age, breed, lifestyle and therapeutic requirements. To learn more about Royal Canin, visit

BOOTH #110
Our initial reputation was built on our dermatology diets (also known as our “novel protein” line). Pets who are dealing with adverse reactions (allergies, IBD, etc) to specific ingredients are particularly sensitive and require very precise, very clean, and very intentionally-made products. These requirements from our dermatology partners have influenced the entire framework of our catalog and helped us to create whole food diets that are purpose-driven and highly controlled. This takes considerable expertise and collaboration in formulation, nutrition, manufacturing, and sourcing — and it is potentially what we are the proudest of.

BOOTH #314
Serenegy, LLC has made limited ingredient treats and WrapIt® pill wrap mix for dogs with foods allergies for over 20 years. All our treats are handmade under strict quality control with human grade ingredients to ensure they are safe for Elimination Diets. Serenegy® analyzes our products for their full mineral content, allowing veterinarians and nutritionists to verify that the treats and pill wrap mixes are safe for both food allergic dogs as well as most dogs with cardiac, urinary tract and renal conditions. For added assurance our treats are contaminate free, the products are laboratory tested (by ELISA) certifying they are free of Gluten, Soy, Milk and Egg.

BOOTH #303
Headquartered in North Carolina, Stallergenes Greer’s business in the United States is part of a leading global biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development and commercialization of allergy immunotherapy (AIT) products and services for use in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies for people and pets.

BOOTH #108
KARL STORZ SE & Co. KG is the leading manufacturer of high-quality endoscopes, instruments and imaging systems for all applications of veterinary endoscopy. Designed in cooperation with leading vet surgeons throughout the world, KARL STORZ products are customized for veterinary use, and include all that is needed to perform gastrointestinal endoscopy, bronchoscopy, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, rhinoscopy, cystoscopy, otoscopy, trans-cervical insemination, avian endoscopy and much more. KARL STORZ is also the leading supporter of education in veterinary endoscopy and is pleased to be sponsoring an ongoing series of webinars in conjunction with Colorado State University’s Translational Medicine Institute. Visit for more information.

BOOTH #301
Thrive Pet Healthcare is a first-of-its-kind, nationwide network of over 350 veterinary hospitals dedicated to helping pets thrive through every stage of life.

We aim to evolutionize veterinary care for pets and the people who love them through the world’s most trusted, innovative, and connected pet healthcare network.

With our personal, professional, and technological support, our medical teams are able to dedicate their passions towards evolving veterinary standards, benefiting both pets and their human families.

BOOTH #207

VARL Liquid Gold serum allergy test is a liquid-phase enzyme-linked immunometric technology that will help you deliver effective allergen immunotherapy to your allergic dogs and cats – it’s really unique! VARL Liquid Gold is specifically engineered to eliminate false positives and enhance immunotherapy results with either oral or subcutaneous treatments. Certainly, you detest false positives, but you don’t have to settle for false negatives either. To you, this will mean better success with allergen immunotherapy … to your clients, deep satisfaction.

BOOTH #302
Focusing on animal health, from the beginning
At Virbac, we provide innovative solutions to veterinarians, farmers and animal owners in more than 100 countries around the world. Covering more than 50 species, our range of products and services enables us to diagnose, prevent and treat the majority of pathologies. Every day, we are committed to improving animals’ quality of life and to shaping together the future of animal health.

BOOTH #308
VetBiotek Inc. develops Dermatological and Nutritional Supplement products focusing on superior patent protected technology and consumer friendly formulations. The BioHex® portfolio provides long acting and enhanced Antibacterial, Antifungal and Antibiofilm activity against common clinical skin pathogens including multi-drug resistant variants. The company recently completed in-vitro and clinical efficacy studies indicating that BioHex is an effective alternative to systemic antibiotics in the treatment of Canine Superficial Bacterial Pyoderma (SBP).

BOOTH #305
Our award-winning product line is fueled by cutting-edge science and a passion for innovation. Whether it’s helping cuts or hot spots heal, soothing irritated eyes and ears, conditioning the coat and skin, or nourishing vital systems, Vetericyn is leading the way in at-home animal care.

BOOTH #106
VetNova US affiliate, VetNova Animal Health LLC is located in Olathe, KS.
We began in Spain in 2007 and are now present in over 20 countries. Founded by veterinarians and for veterinarians with a single objective: to improve the health and welfare of companion animals and horses. Our company pillars: Innovation and Quality, Our Customers, Our People and Environmental and Social Responsibility. Our priorities: quality, efficacy, and safety of our products.

BOOTH #312
Vetoquinol USA, celebrating 90 years exclusively dedicated to animal health, develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of animal health products, including: Renal Care, Hepatic Care, Pain Management, Joint Mobility & Flexibility, Dermatological and Nutritional Supplements.

BOOTH #209
VetScalpel strives to perfect laser technology and to excel at helping veterinarians to improve their business, patient care, and clients’ satisfaction. The American-made VetScalpel by Aesculight CO2 lasers can be utilized in virtually all soft-tissue surgical procedures. VetScalpel’s flexible fiber and pen-like, autoclavable handpieces ensures the best surgical dexterity.

BOOTH #310
At QSM Diagnostics, we understand the importance of keeping pets healthy and happy. That’s why we offer a comprehensive line of bacterial testing services for pets, both in-clinic and mail-in. As a veterinary clinic, partnering with us means access to accurate and reliable testing that can help you identify and address potential health issues early, before they become more serious. Our patented electrochemistry technology selectively and specifically detects qurorum sensing molecules secreted by bacterial cells directly from any body fluid. The output is quantitative so you can track treatment just like with any other clinical biomarker.

BOOTH #A  – Foyer
The Tenth World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology (WCVD10) marks the 35th anniversary of the first World Congress in 1989. WCVD10 will bring together the world’s most respected dermatologists, researchers and practitioners to network and focus on the most significant developments related to the discipline during the preceding four years, and to plan future projects, studies and collaborations. The Congress will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA July 25th to the 29th, 2024 at the Hynes Convention Center. Boston is a great city for conferences. It is conveniently located close  to many major US cities and has direct connections to most major airports around the world. Boston is truly a historic city and both tourists and Congress delegates will find plenty of sightseeing, entertainment and restaurant opportunities. Boston is a center for health science research making it a fitting venue for this historic Congress.

BOOTH #107
Zoetis is a global animal health company dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses in ever better ways. Building on 60 years of experience, we deliver quality medicines and vaccines, complemented by diagnostic products and genetic tests and supported by a range of services. We are working every day to better understand and address the real-world challenges faced by those who raise and care for animals in ways they find truly relevant.

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